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Platform:   Playstation 4 Xbox One Switch Windows MacOS/OS X IOS Android (Offical Beta)

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How This Hack Works!

This hack Works  by opening up into the Fornite servers for the specific platform through our backdoor, and then going into there databases and searching for your name. There are Millions of names on each server. So it does take a while to do through them all. We will then go to the section where the V-Bucks's values are stored. We break into the encryption to get the numbers, then we have a tool which completes human verification very well most of the time very quick. Check out Death By Captcha for more information, its pretty cool, we even use it on our own computers. This process is what does the work of the survey for you. So you will not probably need to do a survey anytime soon. This lets us edit the values on the database. Then we get your current value and add it by how many V-Bucks you Requested. Then the bot that was doing that covers up some of the evidence, although at the same time we have another bot or multiple bots at the same time serving people with their V-Bucks. When we finish cleaning the evidence, we escape with that bot for a few hours, don't worry, we have thousands of bots. When you press the READY button, a request is sent to one of our servers, they are the ones who pull off our secure algorithm. We often need to find a good time to logon to the Epic Servers so we do not get caught. This is why it can take up to 48 hours to do the hack. After those 48 hours, you should soon see your V-Bucks. It would really make the process faster if you shared our site on social media, this is because the more visitors we get, the more servers we can get. This will make the hacking process go faster over time, soon we will be able to do it in under 1 hour, but that is only if everyone were to share this hack on social media.



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